Thursday, April 15, 2010

IES Analysis of Longitudinal Data

To promote the use of State and district longitudinal data sets for identifying factors associated with better education outcomes, the Institute of Education Sciences has created the Analysis of Longitudinal Data to Support State and Local Education Reform research topic (Analysis of Longitudinal Data).

Grants provided under the Analysis of Longitudinal Data topic will support researchers in collaboration with State and local education agencies (SEAs and LEAs) to analyze State or district longitudinal data in order to explore the malleable factors1 (i.e., factors that can be changed by the education system) that may be associated with better education outcomes (e.g., student achievement, high school graduation rates, postsecondary enrollment and completion), as well as mediators and moderators of the relations between these factors and education outcomes.

The long term outcome of this program will be the identification of malleable factors that can contribute to the development of new education interventions, modification of existing ones, and identification of interventions that may deserve more rigorous evaluation. A second outcome will be an increased use of longitudinal data systems by SEAs and LEAs for decision making and an increased capacity through research collaborations to use them.

Amount: Varies depending upon IES Goal

Date due: June 24, 2010; September 16, 2010

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